Five quick wins for owning local SEO results with your beauty website.


Beauty businesses are local businesses. When a client wants to indulge in a beauty treatment the last thing they want to do is travel miles away from home, especially for regular treatments such as hair, brows, and aesthetics. That’s why attracting clients from your local area is an essential element of your marketing strategy. Overlook it and you will lose customers to your competition each and every time!

Okay, what is Local SEO?

Simply put, SEO or search engine optimisation, means tweaking your website so that search engines like Google love it. If Google sees that it is a good quality website packed full of value and relevant to your customers, it will want to show it to as many people as possible. Local SEO is all about encouraging search engines to display your website when a person in your local area searches for your services. The beauty of local SEO is that it can be narrowed down to target clients from your local region, city, town, or postcode – perfect for attracting customers that live nearby.

So, how can my beauty business win at local SEO?

When local people search for the services you offer, your website should appear every time. Win the best local SEO results and blow your competition out of the water with our five top tips below.

  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. The foundation of all Search Engine Optimisation is targeting the right keywords. Start by thinking about your audience and how they are likely to search when looking for your beauty treatments. Can’t think of anything? It can be helpful to look at your competitor’s websites to get started. Once you’ve got a list of keywords you can use Google’s free Keyword Planner to see forecasted traffic for each keyword as well as the level of competition.

Now, here’s the clever bit. When you have decided on the keywords, you’ll need to add your specific location in front of them. For example, somebody living in Birmingham who wants to get their nails done tomorrow afternoon will probably enter ‘Birmingham nail salon’ into Google. Adding the location is what’s known as a geo-modifier in the SEO industry and Google is designed to pick up on these first. This means it will automatically give websites that have location-based keywords a higher rank when somebody from that location is searching.

  • Join Google My Business. Google My Business is one of the best tools for optimising your local SEO. It’s also a great way to collect and showcase reviews from your customers. To get started you’ll need to sign in to Google My Business and claim your business by searching for it when prompted. From there you can make your profile pretty by adding your logo, images, and regular updates. It’s also perfect for adding opening times, contact details, and parking information so your potential customers have everything they need to get in touch.
  • Have more than one location? If you have multiple salons in different areas, you should create landing pages targeted at each location. To perfect the on-page SEO of each landing page you’ll need to optimise page titles, meta tags, and the main text all with your geo-modfied keywords.
  • Register with online directories. Having your business name and address listed across the internet will boost your local search results. Known as local citations these listings can appear on social media, online directories, or anywhere people might be searching for local businesses. Local citations should include your business name, address and phone number.
  • Make friends. Find other local businesses that complement the services you offer and try to build partnerships with them. Ask them to link back to your website, write guest articles, and share each other’s social media posts – the more interaction the better!

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