How to measure the success of your beauty website

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The best built websites combine great design with usability. Your website should make it easy for your clients to find important information and encourage them to take the next step – whether that’s booking a treatment with you, signing up to a newsletter, or entering a competition.

But how do you know if you’ve found the formula for success? Is your website attracting enough visitors to begin with? Are they using the website as intended? Or are they leaving after looking at just one page? Find out how you can answer these questions and measure the continued success of your beauty website below.

How often should you analyse your website results?

When it comes to measuring the success of your beauty website, it’s something you need to be consistent with. We advise creating a regular report, be this monthly, fortnightly, or even weekly.

If you are running specific campaigns, it’s wise to record the results of each campaign too. A campaign is anything from a limited time offer, an event, or a new product launch. Once you have recorded the results and analysed your success, you’ll have a good base of data from which you can plan your next campaigns.

After compiling regular reports, you’ll be able to compare each period to see your progress (for example year on year) If you notice any dips in traffic or downward trends it’s a sign that something may not be right with your site.

Track website results with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools for measuring website results. Once installed correctly you’ll be able to use Google analytics to see a wealth of information about your site. For example, you’ll see how many visits your site has had in the past week, month, year (or any time frame that you set).

You’ll also be able to see how long people have spent looking at your website. This is important because it shows how engaged, or interested, they are with in website and its content. If your visitors like your site and are interested in your business they’re more likely to spend time checking it out.

Another metric to track using Google Analytics is the bounce rate. A bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on your website and exit after viewing only one page. An ideal bounce rate should be no more than 60% and the lower the better. A low bounce rate shows that visitors were interested enough to spend time looking at other pages besides the one that drew them there in the first place.

Something to keep in mind – to record accurate results Google Analytics must be installed correctly. Incorrect installation can give you misleading results and inaccurate reports. Analytics can be installed by adding the code directly into the website design or by using Google Tag manager. Need help? Get in touch!

Measuring Social media results

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for your beauty business. Use it to drive customers to your website where they can find out more about you and book in for treatments.

The most important things to measure on your social media accounts are:

  • Click-throughs to your website. When you share posts on social media always try to include a ‘call to action’ that directs followers back to your website. This way you can measure the success of your social media posts by how many people clicked through to your website. You’ll also know what types of posts were more successful so you can keep sharing similar content.
  • How many followers do you have? The more you spread the word about your business and services, the more loyal followers you will gain.
  • Engagement rate. There’s no point having loads of social media followers if they don’t see your posts, so measuring how engaged they are is essential. Put simply, engagement rate means how much your followers interact with your posts. There are several ways to calculate engagement rate such as engagement rate by reach, engagement rate by posts, or engagement rate by impressions. This article from Hootsuite gives you all the information you need to calculate each metric.

Now that you know how to measure the success of your beauty website, its time to get started. For help or advice with any of the points mentioned in this article get in touch with our team

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