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Tailored Add-On Services for Your Beauty Business

Looking to sell beauty products online or integrate your current appointment booking system into your new website? We’ve got you covered. Our team possesses extensive experience with various website platforms and add-ons, ensuring that your website functions exactly as you envision it.

Our range of add-on services encompasses the development and integration of booking systems, e-commerce and online shopping capabilities, social media feed incorporation, email marketing system implementation, and much more. If there’s a particular feature you’re interested in, rest assured we’ll find a way to incorporate it seamlessly into your website.

Appointment Booking Systems + Website Managment

Efficient appointment scheduling, deposit handling, and reminder notifications are crucial for a thriving beauty business, whether you manage a salon with multiple staff members or handle your own appointments. A dependable booking and calendar system is an indispensable tool.

We will integrate a seamless booking system into your new website, allowing you to bid farewell to traditional paper diaries and embrace automated scheduling and reminders.

Our website management services ensure your site remains current, while also identifying and resolving any issues. Regular updates, akin to smartphone updates, are essential for optimal website performance. We’ll handle this aspect, enabling you to concentrate on attending to your clients and expanding your business.

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