Your Beauty Business Can’t Survive off Social Media Alone. Here’s Why…

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You’ve just started your beauty business and are wondering whether you really need to invest in a website. Facebook seems like a good way to get the word out and find new customers, right?

Technically yes, but you can’t rely on social media alone to grow your business and here’s why:

Using social media for your beauty business

Social media is great for small businesses, especially those in the beauty industry. It is (mostly) free to use, easy to get started. It generates a good return on investment if you do decide to pay for advertising.

Social media platforms like Facebook help you to raise brand awareness and reach people who might not see a website if they were searching on Google. It’s perfect for targeting the ‘top of the funnel’ – the people who might not be actively looking for the services you provide at this moment, but who will be interested in the future. With the right combination of organic content and paid ads you can nurture these leads and convert them into customers.

However, there is a lot of competition and noise to cut through on social media, With the average Facebook user clicking on 11 ads per month (Adespresso 2020), it might be hard to capture the attention of your target audience. This means you’ll have to work harder to stay relevant, potentially spending more money on ads and more time creating content.

Using a website to grow your beauty business.

There are many benefits to using a professionally built website to market and grow your beauty business. While getting your website to appear for the right searches certainly takes time, it is a worthy investment. Once you have laid the foundations of a solid website, you can then focus on building it up and improving your results.

A professionally built website shows that your business is reputable and demonstrates credibility. This helps potential customers to trust you and increases the likelihood of booking in as a first-time customer.

A website also gives you more freedom in terms of design and functionality. Social media restricts you to a certain format and design, but with a website you can let your imagination run wild. You can tailor your site to match your brand and personality, as well as showcasing your entire range of beauty services. It is also an easy place for clients to book treatments, order products or make enquiries.

Additionally, a website gives you more freedom to collect and nurture leads. By asking visitors to sign up to a newsletter you can continue to market to them long after their visit, as well as sharing offers and discounts to entice them to book a treatment.

Email marketing is a great way of retaining your customers after they have bought from your business. Regular emails will keep you at the forefront of their minds for when they are ready to book again.

The perfect combination – social media & your own website

To create a successful online presence for your beauty business you really need a website and a social media presence. They’ll work in tandem to generate leads, nurture them, and keep customers coming back again and again.

Not only that, sharing from your website onto social media can also boost your SEO results. Use your web presence and social media profiles to complement each other and win customers.

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